This is a pewter decanter but has anyone ever seen anything like it or know anything about it? The photo was posted by Melissa Murphy. It was owned by her mother for a very long time. Melissa says that the woman is very dour faced with a book under one arm and a huge rod or stick in the other. Melissa’s mom thought that it might have been inspired by the Temperance movement, but her clothing and hat design seem older than that. What do you think? Ideas?


Betty Bluker posted this mystery item. She knows what it is, but we’re clueless about it. Can anyone identify it?


Kathi Archer would like to know what this is. Ideas?


Carol Grubbs asks “Who knows what this is?” The top lifts off.


This is a very small oil lamp posted by Kathy Jo. She’d like to know what a lamp this small could have been used for and a possible date. She writes that the top screws off so that oil can go in and, of course, the handle moves the wick. Given the engraved/stamped instructions on the side we tend to think it is not antique but probably vintage. But what was its purpose? It is so small.