What is it? December 11

Every once in a while we like to feature a few “what is it?” items that have been posted by our readers at the Dusty Old Thing Facebook page. Sometimes we have a good idea ourselves what the “thing” is; other times we are totally mystified. The fun part of social media is that we can all participate. Ideas may come from experts in certain areas of antiques. Others are pure guesses.

So, here are a few for today. What are they? How were they used?

from: Laurie Cartwright: “Do you know what these are? 1 1/2 ” metal. One has thread wound on it. Are they bobbins of some kind?”

from: Kay Jones: “anyone have any ideas as to what this is????”

from: Kenneth Cooley: “HELP WHAT IS THIS IT IS CAST”

from: Susan M. Petrie-Davis: “Found this beautiful baby at a garage sale this summer.”

Although Susan didn’t ask for help identifing this object serving as a platform for vintage Christmas decorations, we wondered if our readers would know what it is. It is an early version of an antique/vintage item that is now very collectable. Who out there knows what it is?

An object without a known purpose is kind of lonely isn’t it? Once we know what it was used for, we can start to imagine more stories of life long ago.

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