What a Lady Would Keep: March 3

What a Lady Would Keep: March 3

Most of us hang on to small things that have little meaning to others. It might be a Valentine’s Day card from an early sweetheart, the frame of an old corsage, a dance program, an old phonograph that played the music that filled your heart, the evening bags you carried, the tie he wore. Sometimes when we see the collections, or individual antiques, posted by members of our Dusty Old Thing community, we wonder what role those objects played in preserving memories that have now passed.

Here are a few that remind us of what a lady long ago might have kept, or in the case of the bride boxes, what she might have used to keep her treasures. We can imagine the stories that might go with them, the dances or parties, the cards treasured because of love, the song played over and over on a precious music box, the precious things tucked inside a bride’s box.

Thanks go to Mary, Joanne, Jacki, Arlene, and everyone else who has shared their enjoyment of things that are old.

from Mary Derus: “My vintage purse collection.”

from: Joanne Plaugher Ruebeck: “this card is over 100 years old”

from: Jacki Hicks: “I love this music box withnice sound. No history. Any idea what card means besides songs that play?”

from Arlene Gooch: “These boxes are large. Bottom one is 22″ across and 16″ high. They are wooden with metal handles. And appear to be hand painted. Anyone ever seen these before?