Vintage Wedding Photos: April 21.

It is so moving to see the antique and vintage wedding photos of beautiful men and women who are still gracing us today. Kathy Donisi posted this photo of her grandparents on their wedding date. They are Frank and Philamena Donisa. Philamena is alive and well at 100. As Kathy says, “The heart of our family.

Jody Haugeto simply captioned her photo “My Grandparents, October 5, 1898“. Isn’t her hat lovely? Notice, too, his flowers and what looks to be flowers in her hair. It’s so nice to see so many photos that capture different styles of weddings in days gone by.

Kara Cantrell writes, “MyGreat Aunt Helen and her first husband. He was killed in World War II. Three of my other Great Aunts were bridesmaids. We’re of Russian descentand the headdress of the bride and bridesmaids are traditional Russian attire.

This photo dates from December 23, 1907. It was shared with us by Ella Moyes and is of her Grandma and Grandpa Buckingham on their wedding day.

Mercy Lorenzo posted this beautiful wedding photo of her Grandparents, Emelina and Andres Diaz, taken around 1911 in Cuba.

And, to end this Feature for right now, we’d like to share this marvelous photo posted by Victoria Parry. Victoria writes,
Mymaternal grandparents wedding in the early 1900’s. Taken in San Francisco, the photo also includes my great aunts and uncles on both sides of the family.

Thank you all so much for posting such an amazing collection of vintage wedding photos.

They show our roots, our proud heritages, our common celebrations.

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