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A Look Back at Vintage Sewing Patterns is Reminder of How Wonderfully We Used to Dress

Even little girls’ dresses and nightgowns used to be elegant in their own way. It was puffed sleeves and delicate piping details for a distinctly feminine look.

1940s girls dresses sewing pattern

Via/ Flickr

Vintage sewing pattern for ladies dresses

Via/ Flickr

The side-swept hair goes perfectly with these 1960s dresses!

1949 children's coat pattern

Via/ Flickr

This 1940s coat pattern for young ladies is so sweet! Those boxy jackets are reminiscent of Pendleton designs.

1950s sewing pattern for women's dresses

Via/ Flickr

The New Look dresses just can’t be beat for elegance and style. Never too short or too long, with just the right amount of volume, this style was so classy and feminine.

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