A Look Back at Vintage Sewing Patterns is Reminder of How Wonderfully We Used to Dress

In most any antique store, copious vintage sewing patterns can be found. The oldest among them are worth some money, but many vintage sewing patterns really only have value if you either plan to sew them or if you just love looking at the illustrations. While you may not be hankering to sew up something special, looking back at these beautiful pattern covers is a wonderful reminder of just how nicely we used to dress.

1950s dressmaking pattern

Via/ Flickr

Matched sets made a sophisticated silhouette. And look at the gloves!

1950s Vogue dress pattern

Via/ Flickr

Clothing was more conservative, but had details that made them stand out, like oversized buttons at the collar.

vintage children's coat pattern

Via/ Flickr

Pleated skirts with coats and matching caps were so sweet on little girls. The bobby socks really complete the look, too!

1960s sewing pattern

Via/ Flickr

These sweet nautical designs are just the best and still very classic.

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