Vintage Photos: A Look Back at What Always Wasn’t Expected

Sometimes when our readers share old and treasured family photos with all of us at Dusty, some of those just capture the imagination. Sometimes it’s because the subject is actually smiling. Sometimes it’s because they show parts of life or dress that most of us have forgotten. Sometimes it’s because they show an inner beauty. Tonight we’d like to feature just a few of those. We hope they bring a renewed interest in the stories of our own ancestors.

Thanks go to Victor, Lorri, Wendy, Mary and Loretta for sharing them with us.

from: Victor Gabay: “My mom’s wedding picture, 1927”

Victor’s mother was so very beautiful and her gown and headpiece were exquisite. She also shows a composure that seems to speak.

from: Loretta Simeone-Burek: “My Great grandmother Louisa M. Cook early 1900’s.”

Loretta’s Great-Grandmother is smiling and her eyes twinkle. That’s unusual in vintage photos.

from: Mary Michael O’Connell Schneider: “My Grandmother and Great Grand mother washing clothes at the creek. I it was late 1800’s. Grandma was born in 1896”

We love Mary’s photo! They may have been washing clothes down at the creek, but look how happy they seem to be!

from: Wendy Shropshire Atkins: “My grandmother, Naomi Louise Holley and her cousin Mattie Lou. In Augusta Ga.”

We’re not sure of the date of Wendy’s wonderful photo but it very easily could be from the WWI period. Children at that time often joined the Junior Red Cross and little girls had uniforms similar to these. They learned simple first aid and how to care for sick people at home. They would roll bandages, work in Victory Gardens and collect items to both be sent to soldiers, and later to children abroad.

from: Lorri Schwengel Kenny: “Laura & Fremont in Egypt 1930 ‘s “

Lorri’s grandparents were Laura and Fremont McMillan. It’s always interesting when we find that our ancestors traveled and had adventures that we, ourselves, haven’t had…yet.

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