You’ve Gotta See These Classic Movie Ads Found In An Old Basement!

While nothing peaks our curiosity quite like a valuable basement find, what we really enjoy when it comes to old items is the sense of nostalgia we get when we look at them. And though these movie ads that imgur user therealrawcookiedough found tucked away in an old newspaper in his father’s basement might not be very valuable (or old — they’re from 1977), they’re definitely fun to look at! Check out the entire find below, and let us know, which movie was your favorite?


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Arguably the most famous movie franchise of all time, Star Wars kicked off in style in 1977 with the first installment of the series.


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Richard Pryor plays a World War II veteran who becomes the first black Nascar Driver in Greased Lightning.


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Walter Matthau coaching a rag-tag group of little leaguers in The Bad News Bears was a formula for laughs!


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This classic Monty Python film Jabberwocky was actually  taken from “Jabberwocky,” the nonsense poem from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass.


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How could we talk about 1977 and not include Smokey And The Bandit? Starring Burt Reynolds, did you know that this movie was the second highest-grossing film of 1977?


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MacArthur starring Gregory Peck…


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Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo featuring Don Knotts….


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Another famous franchise featuring my personal favorite Bond, Roger Moore, in The Spy Who Loved Me


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The Island Of Dr. Moreau, an H.G. Wells classic, doesn’t really hold up now a days in terms of fear factor.

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