See How Halloween Costumes Have Changed Throughout The Years

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without great costumes.

We loved Halloween as kids and dressing up every year was one of the best parts! Those old Halloween costumes were so much fun. Characters pulled from fairy tales and cartoons, little touches put on by Mom, or those really special years when she sewed your costume from scratch. Take a little walk down memory lane with some of these great Halloween costumes from years past.

Via/ Wiki Commons
Submitted by reader, Kathie McClendon Cook, “Me when I was 3yrs. I962!!”
Submitted by reader, Liesa Itzi, “Going through the loot.”
Submitted by reader, Susan Noyes Delaney
Submitted by reader, Sharon Ball, “My sister (Daffy Duck) and myself 1961. Deanna’s mask kept falling below her eyes and she couldn’t see the entire night!”
Submitted by reader, Dale Richardson, “1965… I’m the one with the bongos.”
Submitted by reader, Sammie Wigley
Submitted by reader, Linda Romano
Submitted by reader, Kathy Baciocco Crawford, “My brother (Peter Pan), Me as Tinker Bell and my little sister as a clown!”
Via/ Flickr

There’s just something about those old costumes! Looking back it’s hard to remember if we liked the costumes or the candy more. Thanks to our readers who submitted photographs from when they were children. Happy Halloween!