12 Victorian Wedding Dresses You Have To See!

These elegant photographs show how lovely the gowns used to be.

From austere black dresses to trailing lace trains, there’s something about wedding photographs from the Victorian era that are always so beautiful. Is it that we see in them our great grandmothers? Or is it the rarity of photography from the era? Whatever the reason, we can’t seem to get enough of these Victorian wedding dresses!

1850s bride. Via/ Flickr
19th century bride. Via/ Flickr
Bride and groom from 1901. Via/ Library of Congress
Bride and groom from 1903. Via/ Library of Congress
1901 bride and family. Via/ Library of Congress
1850s bride. Via/ Flickr

To be able to afford a photographer back then took a whole lot of money, but these Victorian brides and their families thought it was well worth it. These photographs are mementos from another age when the gowns were full of gorgeous details!

Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife on their wedding day in 1852. Via/ Library of Congress
Seated bride from 1878. Via/ Library of Congress
Military wedding 1889. Via/ Library of Congress
Bride and groom from 1901. Via/ Library of Congress
Standing bride from 1872. Via/ Flickr
Standing bride from 1887. Via/ Flickr

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