This Collection Of Ventriloquist Dolls Might Be Creepy, But Wait Til You See What They’re Worth!

To some, these dolls are the stuff of nightmares. But for one collector, they’re a dream come true.

Though¬†many people are terrified¬†by the lifeless gaze of a ventriloquist doll, Dan Willinger is not one of them. In fact, Willinger has collected around 250 dolls during the last 30 years, and now he’s cashing in on them. The dolls will be heading to auction soon, where the entire collection is expected to fetch around $500,000. Some of the more valuable dolls include one known as “happy Hazard,” which belonged to Cy Leonard, the first ventriloquist to perform on Canadian television and the man who claimed to have been the first disk jockey. Check out the following news story to hear more about this eery collection, and let us know: do you think these dolls are creepy or would you be happy to have them in your home? Do you think there’s a big difference between collecting ventriloquist dolls and china dolls?