I Love How These Antique/Vintage Quilts Have So Many Memories And Stories!

You can’t put a price on the memories and stories attached to these special items!

We recently featured a vintage friendship quilt as one of our items of the day, and the response to it was so positive that we decided to dig through our archives to find more of these beautiful heirlooms. Sure enough, we found a ton of great quilts submitted by our readers. And while some antique/vintage quilts can be extremely valuable, you can’t put a price on the memories and stories attached to these special items. Take a look at the following quilts, and if you have a piece you’re proud of, submit a photo and share it with us!

from: Jeanne Gottemoller Rowell: “Sharing a photo of my Centennial quilt. Circa 1876 Enjoy!Www.facebook.com/hushantiquesvintage”
from: Darleen Hicks Nelson: “Two Old Family Quilts,one from my mother’s side of the family and one from my husbands mother’s side both made completely different!!”
from: Kathy Brenke: “This quilt has many of my relatives names on, it was made in 1932 by a neighborhood “art club””
from: Phyllis Meacham Williams: “Little Dutch Girl quilt made by my grandmother about 1910. In Christian Ct. Ky..”
from: Matt Buzzard: “Friendship quilt made in early 1940s”
from: Pat Squire: “I have many antique quilts and use them all. This is a 1930’s quilt.”
from: Marlene Ruen: “In 1926-27 my grandmother and great-grandmother made and quilted this quilt. It spent it first 65 years, never used, folded up and protected in an upper cupboard in my grandmothers home. When I was a child I would ask grandma why she never used it and she would answer, “I’m saving it for something special”. After she passed away my mother asked me if I would like it. I began using it without any regard and now I’m afraid to wash it. Yes, it is at least 87 years old, and has NEVER been laundered! I guess was afraid I would damage it. I do know that all new materials were used when they made it, because my mother watched them make it when she was a small child. ( It is made of polished cotton and wool filled. Can anyone tell me how I should clean it? Should I just throw it in the washing machine? )”
from: Rosaleen Gianakos: “Beautiful old 1890’s quilt I found in a little town in Wyoming this past summer.”
from: Carol Jenkner: “Found this great primitive ca. 1900 quilt on a short road trip today. Loving the dark blue calico.”
from: Mary Jane Jackson-Price: “This quilt was made by my grandmother in the late 1930’s or early 40’s.”