Explore The Maze Of Abandoned Underground Tunnels In NYC

New York City is known for having underground tunnels, but many have been lost to the passage of time.

We often only really appreciate what is on the surface and we don’t take time enough to dig and find out what is underneath. That is not only true in our personal relationships, it’s also true in the cityscape of New York City.

Below the city streets is a maze of underground tunnels that help to get people from here to there. It seems as if there are also many tunnels that have been lost to the passage of time and they may just hold some secrets that are well worth knowing.

Photo: YouTube/IT’S HISTORY

Some of the tunnels were changed as a result of continuing expansion and others were in place to protect people during World War II. There are also many spaces underneath the city that are just in existence, and it can be difficult to traverse the maze.

Fortunately, we have this unique video from Its History, where Ryan Socash takes us through many of these tunnels and explains their history. One of those is the Cobble Hill Tunnel which is in Brooklyn under Atlantic Avenue.

Photo: YouTube/IT’S HISTORY

During the 19th and 20th centuries, the tunnel closed because of concerns about spy activity. Later, it was rediscovered by Bob Diamond, an underground explorer who was checking out the area in 1981.

There is also a tunnel that runs between the Farley Post Office on Eighth Avenue and the Knights Avenue Morgan Processing and Distribution Center. Yet another one involves Track 61 under the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Photo: YouTube/IT’S HISTORY

These tunnels may have some interesting secrets to reveal, especially Track 61, which is rumored to still have a railcar that belonged to Franklin D Roosevelt.

You can watch the video for yourself here: