From fire trucks to wind-up cars, we love toy vehicles. Is there anything more satisfying as kid than running a toy car along, making “vroom” noises? We couldn’t get enough of playing with them, making them fly, crashing them, you name it. And, it’s not just kids who love them! Anyone who collects iron toys from the early 20th century can tell you that some of them fetch a pretty penny. Here are some fun vehicular toys shared by our readers.

Submitted by Gary Martin: “Found this packed away in a storage box that I have been carrying around with me for many years. How many of you remember the Dugan’s delivery truck? I honestly cannot remember the delivery driver’s name, but he was well known in our neighborhood on Espanong Road and Willis Street, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, back in the 1960’s.”
Submitted by Denise Perosino Olivero: “Renton cast iron fire truck…found at antique store.”
Submitted by Angeles Wyant: “This toy tin Fire Truck is about 10 inches long cannot see any markings.”
Marisol Reed submitted this wonderful iron train and tractor.
Submitted by Annia Morris: “This little train is a little over a foot long, it’s cast iron and that’s all I know about it.”
Submitted by Vickie Kay Rowe Willard: “Picked it up at a sale. It looks old and like it may of been handmade. Top opens for storage.”
Submitted by Caroline Wiley Kochek: “Here’s an old truck my son recently found in our new house. Pretty sure it’s a Buddy L truck from the early 20’s. Would love to know if anyone has any info on it though.”
Submitted by Laura Butner Hardon: “A well loved toy a bit worse for wear. Still winds up and goes.”
Submitted by Sue Peters: “My husband’s mother saved his old toys. They were delivered to us after she passed away. 50+ years old.”

Thank you to those readers who shared pictures of these great trucks and trains with us! From Tonka trucks to iron trains, these vintage and antique toys bring back a lot of memories. To find out more about collecting toy trains and their valuation click here.