21 Photos from AFTER the Titanic Went Down

While we don’t have photos of the ship or the wreckage from the era because the ship sank so quickly, we do have photos of the RMS Titanic disaster survivors aboard the rescuer ship RMS Carpathia as well as photos of crowds waiting to see the survivors come in at New York. All in all there was quite a bit of commotion anywhere there might have been news of victims and survivors both and rightly so. There were only 712 survivors out of a total 2,207 passengers and crew members.

“TITANIC life boats on way to CARPATHIA.” Via/ Library of Congress

“Titanic survivors on way to rescue ship Carpathia.” Via/ Library of Congress

“Photograph of a lifeboat carrying TITANIC survivors.” This style of lifeboat had collapsable sides and was one of the two types on the Titanic when she went down. Via/ U.S. National Archives

Titanic survivors in lifeboat. Via/ U.S. National Archives

“TITANIC survivors aboard rescue ship CARPATHIA: Mr. & Mrs. G.A. Harder and Mrs. Charles M. Hayes talking.” Via/ Library of Congress

“Stuart Collett, one of the Titanic survivors, arriving on Carpathia, April 1912.” Via/ Flickr

“Survivors of TITANIC aboard CARPATHIA.” Via/ Library of Congress

“Groups of TITANIC survivors aboard rescue ship CARPATHIA.” Via/ Library of Congress

“Group of survivors of the Titanic disaster aboard the Carpathia after being rescued.” Via/ Library of Congress

Titanic disaster makes the front page of most newspapers. Via/ Wiki Commons

“Crowds gather outside Oceanic House, the London offices of the White Star Line.” Via/ Wiki Commons

“Crowd awaiting TITANIC survivors.” Via/ Library of Congress

Both press and public eagerly awaited news of survivors following the horrible news. Telegrams about the rescued aboard the Carpathia trickled in alongside news of those who had not been saved or bodies that had been found. Crowds gathered at the White Star offices in London and New York for any word about the passengers and crew of the Titanic.

Crowds gather outside the New York White Star Offices. Via/ Library of Congress

“Harold Bride, surviving wireless operator of the TITANIC, with feet bandaged, being carried up ramp of ship.” Via/ Library of Congress

Titanic survivors recovering at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City include passengers and crew of the ship. Via/ Wiki Commons

Within days of the tragedy folks were organizing events and fundraisers for the survivors and their families. Some of the less fortunate families of crew members went destitute without the income of their breadwinners, so events like these were crucial to helping the victims.

Baseball game to benefit Titanic survivors. Not only did the ticket price go towards victims, but chorus girls and starlets worked the crowd for extra donations during the game. Via/ Library of Congress

Two brother, survivors of the Titanic. It took some sleuthing to discover their real identities. Via/ Library of Congress

“Louis and Michel Navratil, of Nice, France, on their mother’s lap.” Via/ Library of Congress

Funeral procession for one of the most famous Titanic victims, John Jacob Astor. Via/ Library of Congress

“Aerial view of Straus Memorial Park in New York City. The memorial and park was dedicated on April 15, 1915, the third anniversary of the death of Isidore and Ida Straus on the Titanic.” Via/ Library of Congress

“Mrs. J.J. Brown presenting trophy cup award to Capt. Arthur Henry Rostron (of the Carpathia), for his service in the rescue of the Titanic.” Via/ Library of Congress

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