Thrift Store Holiday Playhouse Upgrade

Some people just blow us away with their creativity!

Some people just blow us away with their creativity! Take this plain old playhouse found at a thrift store, for example. It’s fine enough on its own, but it sure could use a little bit of flair to make it extra special, don’t you think? In today’s tutorial, we see how this generic playhouse is a blank canvas for those with a vision and some problem-solving skills! Go ahead and see how it’s done, and get inspired to work on a similar project for yourself!


This project uses only a few items, surprisingly enough. You really just need the playhouse (obviously), some fabric, spray paint, and spray adhesive. Some optional items include ribbon to do the trim in, and any knick-knacks you want to have on the door or walls of the house. As with all custom, DIY projects, we love that you can swap out materials as you see fit. Don’t like the buffalo plaid? Go with something else that catches your eye!

Cut A Pattern

Start by tracing out a pattern using butcher paper. Make sure to leave about an inch of room for the edge so you will have some wiggle room when it comes to gluing on the fabric. You’ll want to do this pattern one side at a time, cutting along the brick and window and door openings. Make sure to take note of any other little details that shouldn’t be covered by fabric – like a mail box or hanging flower beds from the window.

Spray Paint

Once you have your pattern traced and cut out, set it aside and move on to spray painting. Remove the windows and roof, and spray paint the desired colors. Tape off and cover windows and doors while spray painting the exposed brick area, and then switch the covered area so you can spray paint around the windows and door way.

Stick Fabric On

Here’s the most critical and nerve-wracking part. Attaching the fabric. Using a spray adhesive, go section by section and smooth out the fabric. You’ll want to make sure to get your fabric down within fifteen seconds if you want a permanent bond. Don’t worry about the overlap just yet. Once you have the fabric stretched over the correct areas, go back and trim the excess fabric or fold it over, depending on where it is. If you want a more clean-cut look, go around the edges and glue on some ribbon.

Before & After

Once the hard work is done, go ahead and add little embellishments to finish off this project! We love the use of LED, battery operated lights and the fun wall mount on the outside. Didn’t this playhouse turn out awesome? We just love this project!

Get the full detailed instructions in the video below!

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