The dance that changed America, the Twist is still one of the most recognizable dances from the 1960s. Ask any young person and they probably have at least heard of it, even if they can’t do it. Unlike many dance crazes from back then, the Twist has endured decades, possibly because it’s so darn easy to do!

Written by Hank Ballard, the Twist was inspired by watching kids at a show of his dancing in a peculiar way. Ballard released his song in 1958, but it wasn’t until 1960 that Chuck Berry’s version made America go wild. Have a look here at a mash-up of people doing the Twist and loving it! Set to Chubby Checker’s version of the song, this wonderful video will make you want to dance! Watch this fantastic video below. And, you can check out the biggest dance crazes of the ’60s right here.