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Polyester & Polaroids – Things We Really Miss About the ’70s

It was a different time, when many electronics were just beginning to come on the market and we were blissfully enjoying our roller skates and flavored lip balms! Here are 12 things we remember fondly from the ’70s.

Cereal Box Toys

Back when cereal boxes had toys in them, you never knew what was going to land in your bowl. Or, if you were a fearless warrior you stuck your hand all the way down into the box and dug it out- consequences or no!

Candy Cigarettes

Back in the day we had lots of fun with these illicit candies, though I can’t say I ever cared for the flavor.

Yarn Hair Ribbons

How many of us sported the pigtails and yarn look back in the ’70s a la Cindy Brady?

Roll-on Lip Gloss

They were so yummy, it was hard not to just lick it off and re-apply in an endless loop. Seems like we went through this stuff awful quick!

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