Things Seem Calmer with Antique Tea Cups

Things Seem Calmer with Antique Tea Cups

Maybe our grandmothers who sat down a bit in the late afternoon for their tea had the right idea.

Ours always used china tea cups, even if they were all mismatched. It was a calming time. Many of us learned–more or less–how to act at a formal tea where there was a silver service and we had to hold small plates and tea cups and forks all without spilling anything.

But, it’s those quite tea times, alone or with friends, that seems to make us calmer even just in memory. A bit of vintage crochet nearby helps, too!

from: Judith Iverson: “Another footed tea cup. Tea tastes so much better in vintage cups!”

from: Carol Raggio: “Royal Vienna Tea set from my Grandmother.”

from: Janice Break Camilleri: “1939 tea cup”

Thanks to Judith, Carol and Janice for sharing these photos with us.