The Precious Handicrafts Our Grandmothers Used to Make

It’s the little touches that make a house feel more like home.

For previous generations, making small and useful items was just a part fun part of everyday life. Evenings were spent with the family talking while the women worked on their knitting, sewing, crocheting or other projects. Especially in the days before TV, this was how women often spent their leisure time- skillfully creating the everyday objects that made life a little more cheery.

6) Pot Holders

Seems like they were always whipping up another potholder! Maybe that’s because they get burned or stained so easily.

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7) Toaster Covers

Kitchens back then often looked welcoming in a way we don’t see today because of touches like this.

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8) Afghan Blankets

Bright and colorful, it seemed like there were always an abundance of afghan blankets around the house. It’s a wonderful way to use up yarn scraps.

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9) Knitted Sweaters & Booties

The time it takes to knit a garment is no small sacrifice, but women in our grandmother’s generation were proud to have their family wearing the things they knitted.

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10) Quilts

The hours and hours it takes to make a quilt were worth it when you consider that many of us are still using Grandma’s quilts all these decades later!

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If you came from a crafty family then these items will be very familiar to you! Do you still make these old-fashioned crafts?