The Precious Handicrafts Our Grandmothers Used to Make

It’s the little touches that make a house feel more like home.

Many of use remember that Grandmother’s were always working on something or other- be it supper or some small handicraft. Back in the day even women who weren’t seamstresses would sew many a home item, using their skills to produce many handicrafts that we today rarely make ourselves. During the ’30s even the smallest scraps were used to piece together the unique items that, together, made the house feel like a home. We have wonderful memories of the way grandma’s house was appointed! Here are some of the things that our grandmother’s used to make.

1) Doilies

Seemed like everywhere you turned in Grandma’s house there was a doily!

Via/ Flickr

2) Tea Towels

The lovely flour sack material and bright embroidery designs made Grandma’s towels always seem so special.

Via/ Flickr

3) Dresser Scarves

Much like doilies, dresser scarves kept things from scratching some of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the house.

Via/ Met Museum

4) Anti-macassars

Along with anti-macassars, armchair covers were also a common sight in homes once upon a time.

Via/ Library of Congress

5) Tea Cozies

When people used to sit down to tea with a teapot, tea cozies kept the pot warm and gave a nice homey look to the spread.

Via/ Met Museum

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