How many times did you remember someone’s big day at the last minute and have to rush out to get them something special? These types of things that don’t happen the same way these days thanks to technology. Kids today (and many of us, too) no longer have to rely on our memory alone to help navigate daily life. Back in the day we had to remember- or write down- important dates and information in a way that young people today don’t have to. Here are 7 things that people no longer need to remember because their devices will do it for them!

7) Spelling

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We hear that schools do still have spelling bees, but how will kids remember to spell later on in life when every device automatically corrects mistakes? Back when we were kids, you had to learn how to spell words and then not forget them! The one skill that kids these days are certainly learning is how the catch those pesky auto-miscorrects before they go out, though!

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