The Vintage Parrot: July 1

When most of us think of Art Deco we think of the strong lines, the radiating sunburst, symmetical patterns and motifs that were often Egyptian or Mesopotamian. They conveyed strength and optimism, a belief in technology and the promise of the machine age. We don’t often think of parrots.

But yet bird motifs are frequently found in Art Deco. Most are more stylised than the the parrot shown in Trey Stubb’s lamp below, but they are there. They are also found in Art Nouveau. Does it reflect the type of longing for a life that Gauguin showed so well in his paintings from Tahiti and other islands in the Pacific? Or were the artists just fascinated by a bird of many colors from whom nothing said could really be kept secret?

We’d like to thank Trey for posting the photos of two of their enjoyable antique/vintage lamps featuring parrots. Both are recent “finds” from a coastal vacation.

The first one , with the Art Deco base, has a jadeite slag element in the column and features an interesting reverse painted shade. You can’thelp but smile at him!

This very stunning Art Nouveau lamp has green jadeite in the column and parrots on the reverse painted shade. Note that the curving lines on the vines in the shade reflects the curving patterns on the lamp itself.

Both lamps are fun. Maybe the message is that we can’t take ourselves too seriously in the company of parrots.

Thanks, Trey, for sharing them with us!

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