The Memories of Childhood Long Ago: December 13

Tonight we’d like to feature a few antiques that speak to the child that is still in all of us. Two are pieces of furniture that appear to be either made for children, or were child-sized factory samples. The other two are vintage toys that still have a magical appeal. We hope they all touch your heart.

from Mary Huntington: “This dresser has been in my family for more that 75 years. It is 25.5″ wide, 12.5″ deep, 23.5″ to top surface and 46″ to top of mirror section. The stamped designs, knobs, assembly and trim appears to be the same as used on a full-sized dresser. I have never seen anything like this (and I keep an eye out all the time) and it has been suggested that it could be a child’s dresser or a salesman’s sample. Any ideas?”

So readers, what do you think? Was it part of a special set of very well done Eastlake furniture made just for children? Or was it a salesman/factory sample?

from: Ginger Lowry: “This is an antique child size china hutch I bought at a flea market. The china I have picked up here and there.”

It’s a wonderful piece and it’s such a delight to see the variety of child-sized china that goes in it.

from David Solomon: “Riding dog from December 1948, my first Christmas. I still have it… I think it is a Stieff, but not sure, and it still holds me, . As a little kid, I had 3 pedal cars and a pedal train engine, (great collectables today—-why the dog was saved ??? –probably my love for dogs and wouldn’t part with it, I would say. Sometimes I wonder why it was so special to me, but being so young–who remembers those things.

We can see why. He still has personality. We agree…he is special…and he was loved!

from Kathy Partridge: “My father was born in 1930 to a family who did not have much money. When he passed away in 2000, my mother gave me this little Santa, one of the only things my Dad had from his childhood. It stays out all year and is one of my most favorite possessions.

We understand. It is beautiful and well done. We know that someone probably made it by hand and that it was loved…and still is.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their love of antiques with our community at Dusty Old Thing.

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