In 1970 the song “Temptation Eyes” was released on Dunhill Records from a band that has been close to our hearts for many decades: The Grass Roots. While the band had a revolving door of changing members, their sound from about 1966 to 1975 was perfectly hip and somehow, their songs really stand the test of time.

The Grass Roots had many hits, but we will always remember “Temptation Eyes” as one of their most under-appreciated songs. The song charted well in the Top 40 during 1971 and the driving beat always takes us right back in time! But, this song kind of gets lost in the shuffle of classic rock radio these days! Fans of the band will recall that the longest-serving member and the band’s vocalist, Rob Grill, sadly died back in 2011, which only makes their songs all the more special to us now.

Have another listen in the wonderful clip below. And, if you love classic songs click “Next Page” after the video to see if you can name some of the top hits from 1960!