He threw away his last pair of jeans at the age of 14 and hasn’t looked back since. For Zack MacLeos Pinsent, dressing in modern clothes had become more of a burden than a fashion statement. The only clothing he’s interested in comes from the early 19th century, with all the frills and un-accommodating fabrics that entails.

Pinsent may have gotten into Regency style clothing early on, but it seems to be anything but a phase for this exceptionally dedicated fashion aficionado. Since his teen years, Pinsent has become a bespoke tailor for people who want authentically-made clothing in styles from the 1660s-1920s. Pinsent, who is only 25-years-old now, has clients all over the world, and while many of them probably don’t dress in period clothing everyday, they certainly share his love of antique clothing design.

Have a look at this unique man and why he wears what he does in the video below.