There are few things that can take you back to those days of growing up like hearing one of your favorite songs from another era. And what better song than Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Sixteen” to escort us back in time?! Berry’s appearance in 1958 on the Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show, hosted by the great Dick Clark, is one in a long string of performances that stand out as some of the best of the ’50s. And there’s even a glimpse of a young Johnny Carson! But, back to the main attraction- Chuck Berry really has the crowd going wild for him! We even get to see a little of his famous duck walk!

From “Maybelline” to “Roll Over Beethoven” to “Johnny B. Goode” Berry played an eventful part in the creation of rock & roll and by all accounts was a colorful individual even in his twilight years. Have a look and a listen to one of the late great stars of our youth in this wonderful clip below. And, for another great blast from the past click here.