9 Sunday Traditions That Make Us Wish We Were Kids Again

Sundays used to have a very different meaning for us as kids growing up. Take a trip down memory lane at how we used to spend this special day.

Sunday Dinner

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I know some people’s mom’s made as much as possible ahead of time to avoid working on Sundays, but in our house, making a tasty meal on Sunday was a big deal. We all wanted to help out with what would be the best meal of the week. I remember those biscuits like it was yesterday!


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Folks seemed to be dropping in all day to visit. Extra bread or biscuits would be made to accommodate the extra people. Sunday was a day for leisurely visiting.

Sunday Drive

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Yes, sometimes we really did just go for a drive on Sunday afternoons. We’d pile into the car. Sometimes we’d drive in town and other times we would pick a country road and travel it until we got bored or hungry.

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