Antique Photos: Speaking Through Time


Sometimes when we see old family photos it’s like they are speaking to us through time. That feeling can occur even when the person in the photo is not one of our ancestors. We look at beautiful images such as this one posted by Barbara Hick Ramos and wonder what the little girl’s life was like. We’d like to know more about her. Sometimes one person’s history forms the fabric of our own.

Barbara, when she posted this photo on our Dusty Old Thing Facebook page, just said “My Aunt–born 1921″. Her photo has been popular with our readers and in one of the comments she said that her aunt had just died this year. She is beautiful. We hope that she had a full and loving life. You can tell by her little dress and the very big bow in her hair that she was loved and well cared-for as a child. She obviously saw so much: the Depression, World War II, and everything that came afterwards.

Thank you, Barbara, for sharing her with us at Dusty! We inspire each other…. and now we have to go through our own family photos and make sure that everyone who follows knows who they are…

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