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This truly is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. One son gave his mother a life-saving organ transplant just in time for the big day celebrating mothers around the world. Gwen Finlayson had been sick for nearly three decades after being diagnosed with auto-immune hepatitis and was told she would need a liver transplant in three years when she developed cirrhosis of the liver.

She pushed on and refused to seek further medical help. “I didn’t want to take a liver away from somebody else,” Gwen says for her reasoning. However, doctors soon forced her to sign up for a transplant waiting list. His son reveals that doctors said this was her only chance.

Son sacrifices part of liver for transplant for his mom on Mother’s Day / NBC News

Now, with all the children of the family grown up, they were realizing just how sick their mom was and could no longer be the caregiver of the family. Brandon, her son, had to be and was happy to do it. “I’m not sure I have the words to describe how I feel about my son,” Gwen says, “That he would risk his life for another human being, it’d have to be his mother.” It would certainly end up being that way!

Now, both are recovering from their surgeries and everything went extremely well. We’re so happy to hear a heartwarming story of giving back, recovery, and a love beyond words between mother and son.

Son sacrifices part of liver for transplant for his mom on Mother’s Day / NBC News / YouTube

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