It’s no secret that women of differing generations make different fashion choices. What is a fun and chic outfit for an 18-year-old might seem childish and too revealing for a womaan 20 years her senior. Likewise, some of the trends that adult women have embraced over the past decade are now being called into question by younger folks. But, what they take objection to might shock you since it’s so unexpected. It seems that younger people find side-parted hair among some of the fashions that only “old” people wear.

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It might seem like a strange hill to die on, but there are a variety of young creators on TikTok and other platforms saying that side parts are a dead giveaway that someone is “old”. Adult TikTokker, Chantelle Scott, from Canada, questioned her 21-year-old daughter about the side part. To her horror she learned that some people think of a side part for women as equivalent to the comb-over that older men have been known to sport.

TikTokker, @missladygleep, even went to so far as to claim that no one looks better with a side part and that everyone would benefit from at least trying a center parting. We can only speculate that those with oddly-placed cowlicks would disagree wholeheartedly. In fact, for some people a side parting is the only way their hair lays in any kind of order at all.

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But, it isn’t just the side part that’s getting a lot of heat recently. TikTokkers from Generation Z -those born roughly between 1995 and 2015- have been circulating the idea that skinny jeans are also an older person fashion phenomenon, with younger women choosing baggier jeans these days.

Ironically, the “mom jeans” with pleated fronts and straight legs that many women have avoided for years are now considered back in fashion by young people, which just shows that sometimes fashion trends don’t always make all that much sense.

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It’s not just one’s hair or jeans that can make you look old, though. Another controversial opinion from Gen Z creators is that the crying laughing emoji (😂) also “dates” a person as being older.

We have to wonder if the tilted laugh-cry emoji is also considered “old”.

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Many women in their 30s and 40s have responded with anger over having their skinny jeans and side parts called into question. UK mom and vlogger, Louise Pentland, rightly pointed out that for many women it took a lot of daring to even try skinny jeans since they show off the legs. She insists that having to work up the nerve to wear skinny jeans years ago means she isn’t about to give them up any time soon. She even labeled her Instagram rant on skinny jeans with the hashtag “#notold”.

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It’s rare that people across generations will agree on what is fashionable, so perhaps it’s best just to take the advice and opinions of younger folks with a grain of salt and wear whatever makes you feel attractive and put together.