The History And Allure Of Silhouette Art, And Some Of Our Favorites!

There is something so alluring and mysterious about silhouette art, so it’s easy to see why these pieces are so collectible. Silhouettes became popular in the 17th century. Portraits of anonymous everyday people were taken using ink, paint, cut out paper and were displayed in a number of ways.

The history of tracing silhouettes allegedly dates back to Ancient Greece. Pliny the Elder tells the story of a Corinthian girl named Dibutade, who traced her lover’s shadow before he left on a journey.

You can find more on the history of silhouettes here, but check out some of our favorite user-submitted pieces below!

from: Jill Morrison: “My 2.”

from: Judy Edwards: “I have 2 of these in perfect condition! They belonged my mother in law, don’t know much about them. Just thought they were nice. Anyone know if they’re worth anything?”

from: Sharon L Burton: “My collection of Hall Tavern and Crooksville Silhouette”

from: ICutYouOut.Com: “Old Silhouettes RECUT today! The ovals at the top were originally done in 1959 in Ohio.”

from: Cathy Hunt Garland: “falling hard for silhouettes in the last few years, the fist picture is an old one I inherited and the second is one I paid $1 for……….anyone else a collector?”

from: Lupi Portillo Cruce: “Too pretty to pass up. I love silhouettes.”

from: Beverly Aurandt: “Remember silhouette pictures? These are about 75 years old.”

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