Is there another child actor who made such a difference to our country? Shirley Temple helped make so many people’s lives brighter during a dark time in our nation’s history. The poverty and helplessness that many Americans felt during the Great Depression was eased by her bright smile, her precocious nature, and her infectious giggles. Even President Franklin D. Roosevelt was moved to comment on how she improved the outlook of the nation through her delightful films. The nation’s favorite little star was always in the limelight and she made the news on a regular basis. For her 6th birthday party in 1935, Fox Studios had a mural commissioned of her and threw her a birthday party and of course it was captured on newsreel.

Watch as Shirley Temple delights in the festivities and blows out her candles. There’s even a speech by Will Rogers! Have a look below and be sure to check out some facts you might not have known about America’s Sweetheart right here.

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