September 9 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Chandra Apple Bartlett Caulder: “Wondering if anyone knows what these were supposed to be used for. I used to have 4 but made the mistakes of hiring professionals to move me once and they broke one for me. Also any idea how old they might be. They are paper thin.”

from: Kris Biles: “Is this old trunk worth refinishing or dumpster material? (The bottom is rotted out.)”

from: Diane Dean White: “An old trunk that belonged to my grandparents. When my parents got it in the sixties they made the inside to hold LP’s. There’s a lock on the front that still works, but I wish they’d left the inside alone….the records are great to have, but I could make use of that open, deep space! :)”

from: Kathy Caro: “My mom’s paternal grandparents on their wedding day, January 8, 1901.”

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