September 4 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Kathleen Handson: “any one have info on this some sort of weight maybe for pharmacists found this “

from: Jenn Pflueger: “Found this piece at a sale. There are no makers marks on it and my research doesn’t bring anything up. Does anyone have any info on this piece starting with, is it even a vintage piece?? HELP!Info: He stands about 20î tall and is solid wood. He looks hand carved and hand painted and the paint is chipping off. There is a stick coming out of the bottom which makes me think he is a puppet of some sort but nothing on him moves, except for the rope with brass rings that is attached to his hands!Thank youÖ any thoughts are appreciated.”

from: Sheree Landry: “Grandparents sailing on the “Columbus” and the date was August 19, 1926.”

from: Patricia Meacham Udstuen: “This is an old dresser my husband repaired and refinished. On top of it is his grandmother’s dresser set.”

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