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September 4 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Kathleen Handson: “any one have info on this some sort of weight maybe for pharmacists found this “

from: Jenn Pflueger: “Found this piece at a sale. There are no makers marks on it and my research doesn’t bring anything up. Does anyone have any info on this piece starting with, is it even a vintage piece?? HELP!Info: He stands about 20î tall and is solid wood. He looks hand carved and hand painted and the paint is chipping off. There is a stick coming out of the bottom which makes me think he is a puppet of some sort but nothing on him moves, except for the rope with brass rings that is attached to his hands!Thank youÖ any thoughts are appreciated.”

from: Sheree Landry: “Grandparents sailing on the “Columbus” and the date was August 19, 1926.”

from: Patricia Meacham Udstuen: “This is an old dresser my husband repaired and refinished. On top of it is his grandmother’s dresser set.”

Keaton Typewriter From The 1950s Made It Easier For Musicians To Create Legible Sheet Music: Click “Next Page” below!

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