September 2 – Featured Antiques on Dusty Old Thing

from: Patty Jennings: “This photo was among the old family pix I was given by my Aunt Vi. I’m not sure what this piece of equipment was for…..I can make out the top 2 words on the attached sign…Murphy and Austin. Any idea what it’s for and what the bottom 2 words are? Thank you!”

from: Wayne Vicki Howell: “1921 child’s electric stove my husband restored, it works great. He even found some old original electic cord. This stove had been very very rusty.”

from: Mary Ellen Magnotto Druckenmiller: “From Mary Ellen Magnotto Druckenmiller: A few of my collections/passions. Vintage costume jewelry, vintage mini perfume bottles, old bride & groom cake toppers, 1940’s Barclay lead train figures, vintage Coro duette pins – and the list goes on!”

from: Marie Davis Tolbert: “My Dad with his Dad, my Grandpa Davis. I think this was taken around 1917”

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