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14 Sayings Kids Today Won’t Understand

We use these sayings all the time and never think about where they came from because we lived through most of these things. But, kids use these phrases without even knowing what they mean. They have no idea what VCRs are or what copies used to look like! Here are a handful of the sayings we use that most kids today will not understand.

1) Broken Record

Few kids today will understand the annoying sound a broken record makes, skipping on repeat. But, most kids know the phrase means someone who sounds repetitive.

Warped Memovox Records

Via/ Flickr

2) Roll the Window Down

1946 DeSoto Interior

Via/ Flickr

Before power-everything, we rolled down the windows of a car with a crank that rolled. Well, ok, so maybe the kids of classic car collectors will understand this one.

3) Hang Up the Phone

Back then you actually had to hang up the phone on the receiver in order to end the call. Kids who’ve only ever used cell phones or cordless phones won’t have a clue how we used to talk on the phone.

4) Rewind

VHS Tape

Via/ Flickr

Ok, due to the resurgence in cassette tapes, some kids may know what this one means. Remember rewinding machines for VHS tapes? Blast from the past!

5) Close, But No Cigar

Once upon a time, cigars were among the prizes given out at carnivals. When you inevitably did not win, this phrase was the only consolation prize.

6) Been Through the Wringer

Back when washing day was an all-day affair, the clothes would need to be wrung out. Even folks who had a washing machine often did not have a dryer. Most kids today wouldn’t even know what a wringer is!

7) On the Flip Side

Vinyl Record Being Played

Via/ Flickr

The other side of the record is something kids won’t experience. They still use this term, many without understanding where it comes from.

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