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Sammy Davis Jr. and Nat King Cole Do Impressions of Each Other and It’s Priceless!

The incomparable Nat King Cole will always be one of the great legends of music. He was taken far too young and one can’t help but wonder how many more songs he would have graced us with had he lived longer. Cole’s television program, The Nat King Cole Show, was a wonderful way to see the stars. From 1956 to 1957 this variety show brought together some of the best talent in the industry.

In this clip, Cole gets a visit from Sammy Davis, Jr. and these two have a ball with it! In this fun skit, they each do an impression of each other. Filled with laughter and good times, this scene so perfectly captures the mood that two master performers can bring to a show. Have a look below at the classic song, “Somewhere Along the Way,” performed by two of our favorite singers of all time.

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