1929 Interview With 87-Year-Old Man Gets Colorized And Restored

The man, who was born long before the invention of electricity, talks about telegraphs, kids, and life!

We love the restored footage trend that has become so popular in recent years, as it allows us to view history through a completely different lens.

When black and white footage is colorized, we are able to appreciate the past in a whole new way. To that end, the good folks at Upscaled Footage took the time to restore a clip from the University of South Carolina’s Moving Image Resource Collection.

Photo: Picryl/Library of Congress

In this footage, an 87-year-old farmer in Catskill, New York is discussing the “good old days” back in 1929. Meanwhile, he was also looking towards the future.

“We live in a world of change. The trees are just the same as the ones when I was a boy only larger. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But when I was a boy, we didn’t have the telegraph and we didn’t have the telephone. Of course, not the electric lights and any of these other things which have come up to bother us and help us…It’s all right but then the good old days were pretty good,” he says in the video.

Photo: YouTube/Upscale Studio

AI colorization techniques were used to update the footage and the results are absolutely marvelous.

“Upscaling to 4k with Ai technology is the core of colorization, and restoration of old videos into the modern age,” the description reads and we have been enjoying every minute of this.

This is a great watch for those who think that things have changed dramatically over the past 100 years. While they certainly have, people have always been lamenting the loss of the good old days for as long as we can remember. This farmer is not here to wag his finger at anyone, though. He’s got hope for the future and it’s an important message regardless of the time period.

Photo: YouTube/Upscale Studio

It can be tough to summon the energy to look toward the future with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. The farmer knows that he is fortunate to exist in this time period. He’s grateful just to have access to the telephone and the telegraph.

Meanwhile, we are so spoiled that we are ready to lose it as soon as the WiFi goes out for more than a minute or two. That’s why this video is such a great one.

Be sure to show this to anyone who is currently struggling to appreciate the present (or the future that lies ahead)!