Restoration Rewind: Stripping Stain From Your Furniture

One thing that’s really important to keep in mind while you’re shopping for second-hand furniture (or new, it’s up to you) is that it’s the bones of the piece, the structure, that matter(s) most, not the color. If you come across a vintage dresser that you absolutely love the shape of, but find the stain off-putting, know that you can strip the stain off and re-stain with whatever color you prefer!

We found a great tutorial where Todd explains the process and shows us exactly what to do, so now you can tackle whatever stained wood furniture you like give it a facelift and breathe new life into it. (Keep in mind though, if the piece you’re working with is valuable or you think it could be valuable, it’s best to get it checked out by a professional so you’re not accidentally hurting its value by stripping it.) Anyway, let us know your thoughts on the matter and keep sending in photos of your finished projects!

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