Don’t Let Water Stains Ruin Your Wood Furniture. Learn How To Remove Those Pesky Rings!

We have all seen it: a guest comes over, sets a drink down on your beautiful table (without a coaster!!!!!), and before you know it the dreaded ring appears and the anxiety sets in. Nothing ruins a beautiful piece of wooden furniture faster than those unsightly water stains, so the question becomes, how can you get rid of them without seeking out a professional? Believe it or not, the answer lies in your bathroom; toothpaste!

In the following demonstration from the eHow Home Channel, you will learn how to remove water stains using toothpaste, a rag and just a little elbow grease (do not scrub too hard, however, or you may remove the finish).

Do you have any other DIY fixes for your wooden furniture? Let us know in the comments below! Now, go grab some coasters and make sure they are set out for your next gathering!

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