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This Rare Performance by Judy Garland Will Have You Reaching for the Tissues!

It’s part of our lives; a song from all of our childhoods. In this very rare footage, Judy Garland sings this classic in one of the most heart-wrenching performances we have ever seen. In her hobo costume, down and out, Garland gives new meaning to this song. Though “Over the Rainbow” was a common song for Garland to sing in concert, it was not often filmed. Seldom-seen after the original air date in 1955 on The Ford Star Jubilee (“The Judy Garland Special”), this legend of the stage and screen offers us a glimpse into the amazing emotion she could portray in her concerts with this rare footage. What we would have given to be in one of her audiences to see her live! Have a look at one of the most stirring and memorable performances of “Over the Rainbow” that we have ever heard.

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