The days of the Holocaust were some of the darkest days in human history and certainly among the darkest of recent history. Some of that history has been lost but there are those who kept it alive through their writing.

One of those individuals was Anne Frank, and although she lost her life at a very early age, her diary that she kept from 1942 till 1944 is a very important part of our history.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Not only is the diary of Anne Frank an interesting read for anyone who is interested in that history, but it is also something that is included in many classroom discussions. There is now a video available that is rarely seen. It was shot in 1941 prior to the time that her family went into hiding and it is thought to be the only footage of Anne Frank that still exists.

Photo: YouTube/Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House Museum uploaded the short film to YouTube. The Frank family went into hiding to avoid being persecuted by the Nazis and this film was shot about a year before that happened. It is a video of a wedding that is taking place at the building next door to where the Franks lived. At about nine seconds into the video, you can see Anne Frank leaning out of her window on the second floor to see the wedding taking place.

Photo: YouTube/Anne Frank House

This video is more than a piece of history, it documents one of the last moments that the Frank family was enjoying life as normal before everything changed. In July 1942, they went into hiding in an apartment in the attic behind the business that her father owned. They remained in hiding until they were reported to the Nazis and were arrested in August 1944. After being sent to a concentration camp, Anne Frank died of typhus when she was only 15 years old.

You can see the rare footage of Anne Frank in this video: