Two Of The Best To Ever Do It Get Together For An Amazing Dance Number!

A seldom-seen dance with two of the greatest male dancers of the 20th century, this clip from 1945 will have you smiling.

In one of the very rare times that Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire performed together, from the 1945 film, Ziegfeld Follies showcases their wit and humor, as well as their spectacular dancing talent. These two tap their way across the stage in this skit called “The Babbitt and the Bromide.” The antiquated term “bromide” here meaning a boring person with little of substance to say. Certainly, most of the their lines are pretty boring, save for the opening when they each credit their most famous female dancing partners. “You’re not Rita Hayworth!” exclaims Fred Astaire. “No I’m not, Ginger,” answers Gene Kelly, with a sidelong glance. While the two ladies in question are nowhere to be found, this clip delivers the goods with singing, dancing, and comedy! We particularly love the ending of this tongue-in-cheek routine that pits star against star. Watch the remarkable clip below.