What Makes A Coin Rare, And Some Of The Most Valuable “Error” Coins!

There are many reasons why coins are a highly sought-after collectable: it’s easy to start a collection, there are so many different kind of coins to pursue, and (of course) they can be extremely valuable! But what makes one coin more valuable than another? Usually, it all comes down to rarity. So what makes a coin rare? Bryan Abbott of 310Antiques is here to explain just that!

Among the factors that Bryan spoke of in the video above, rarity seems to be the most important; and when it comes to rarity, “error” coins can be some of the rarest and valuable around. When a coin is manufactured incorrectly by a mint, it’s considered an error coin. While this can happen for a number of reasons, it doesn’t happen very often (hence the rarity of these coins). Click here to see what some of the top error coins are going for on eBay, and check your pockets! You never know where you’ll find treasure!

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