This is What Playing Used to Look Like!

There were so many wonderful games we used to play!

Ball games, leapfrog, tag, cycling, and dancing used to make up a large portion of children’s play. Physical games were the most fun and we played them as often as we could. Even games like marbles were more oriented towards outdoor play. Have a look at these 18 photographs of what playing used to look like.

This photo from 1940 is so sweet. He’s concentrating so hard that his tongue is sticking out! Via/ Library of Congress
Watching a baseball game was always a good time. Via/ Library of Congress
Game of marbles on steps, 1901. Via/ Library of Congress
Playing in the sandbox, 1948. Via/ Flickr
When in doubt, get a game of baseball started! Via/ Library of Congress
Girls playing leapfrog, 1920s. Via/ Library of Congress

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