How much do you know about antique collectables? Enough to guess which one of these bottles is worth far more than the rest? We certainly weren’t able to guess which one is was.

When this collection of antique and vintage perfume bottles is brought in to Antiques Roadshow for appraisal, they don’t seem to be too special.

Sure, they’re all gorgeous, and most of them are worth at least $100, but nothing really stands out as extraordinary.

Stuff worth that much passes through the Antiques Roadshow every day without turning too many heads.

But when the appraiser gets to the last bottle in the collection, which just so happens to be an early Lalique design, the whole appraisal is turned on its head. Dating back to 1912, this was one of the first pieces designed by renowned glassmaker Rene Lalique.

You’ll never guess how much it’s worth! Check out the video below to find out what’s so special about this rare work of art.