Every chocolate chip cookie recipe is different. Some call for cinnamon or nuts and some don’t. And, while we may all have an idea of what kind of cookie we love best, the ratio of ingredients determines the outcome. In short, not all recipes are created equal. While there’s a place for every kind of cookie, it can be difficult to figure out which recipe will give you exactly the cookie you’re looking for. For years, many people have presumed that the type of cookie sheet or temperature you use makes all the difference. But, it turns out that the ingredients are the deciding factor and each tiny variation in recipe can change the end result.

In this extremely helpful video, you’ll discover what makes a cookie come out crispy, chewy, or cakey. Make sure that there’s no more surprises when you’re setting out to make just the right kind of chocolate chip cookie! Have a look below. And to discover the history of this national treat click here.