7 Products That Didn’t Start Out The Way You Might’ve Thought!

Take a look at some truly ambitious rebranding tales (some of which actually worked!).

When we think of some of our favorite products or foods, we don’t always consider that they may have had past lives under completely different names or perhaps been used for other purposes. So many new inventions don’t find their niche market right away and so get tried as a few different products. What seems normal may be downright laughable a few decades later. Take a look at some truly ambitious rebranding tales (some of which worked!).

7) Flavor Isn’t An Exact Science

Via/ Wikimedia Commons

What started out as a way to use the strawberry-shortcake-filling machines when strawberries were out of season has become a national obsession. The idea of increasing profit and decreasing waste led to the creation of the Twinkie in 1930. They also happened to have been filled with banana-flavored cream for years. Yep, the Twinkies we love today didn’t get their whipped vanilla flavor until bananas became scarce during WWII. And, it was all for the better as people liked the vanilla flavor better.

6) What’s in a Name?

Via/ Flickr

We all know Chex cereal and some of us even like the way it tastes. An early wheat-based version of the cereal was known as Ralston Shredded. This was when Ralston Purina owned the company. The super health food movement for Ralston’s group of devotees came with some very questionable social views. But, in the 1950s the cereal got a new name and a new recipe, eventually coming to be associated more with snack recipes than with radical groups.

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