There’s nothing like seeing a doll you once played with to bring back memories. Or maybe you have dolls inherited from family members? We’ve gathered together some fabulous dolls that were shared by you! Have a look at some of our readers’ favorite dolls below.

Submitted by Darlene Duplessis: “I found these gorgeous dolls from WWII years ago but know nothing about them. The ladies silk skirt is so old it has shredded. This is one of my favorite possessions.”
Submitted by Sandra Albert: “Their mouths stay open and you can stick their thumbs in so I call them thumbsuckers. They have rubber heads and are about 12″ tall. I think they are Hansel and Gretel but there are no marks.”
Submitted by Susan Milam: “Troll doll given to me by my grandfather before 1964.”
Submitted by Elaine Derby-Sherman: “Had this doll for about 45 years. Her eyes open and close!”
Submitted by Leslie ‘Tebben’ McLaughlin: “Does anyone recognize the style of this doll? Her clothes are sewn on, so I cannot find any marking on the neck or body. I have researched French and German Dolls and can find nothing similar. She has glass eyes, tilted head, and a mohair wig. Porcelain head, arms and legs, large calves and small feet and her body is stuffed.”
Submitted by Robin Lee: “I bought these dolls for my daughters in 1971. I sewed many outfits for them. We got them out yesterday and reminisced!”
From Janet Riley Takoy: “This is a porcelain doll only the hands feet and head are porcelain. It’s about 8 to 10 inches long. The body looks to be hand stitched.”
Submitted by CJ Leora Jones: “I love old dolls. This must be from the 40’s.”
Submitted by Allen Cunningham: “Circa 1870 china shoulder plate doll head, 1.5″ flesh tint china Frozen Charlotte doll, and small mesh purse marked sterling, dates to 1910-30.”
From Jennifer Blank Kemmerer: “This is an old doll that my grandmother had. I don’t know much about it. “
Submitted by Alice Terrill LaBarre: “My mother’s doll, 27 inch, C M Bergmann Walterhousen/ 1916 G1/2 0.”
From Allen Cunningham: “Vintage mail box bank… goes well with my Toni doll.”
Submitted by Andrea Bishop.

Thank you to those who shared photos of their precious dolls with us! There are a few pictured here that a lot of us played with as little girls. What a treat to look at these dolls- almost like old friends! To find out more about doll collecting and value click here.